- Business Description
     FERROBAHIA project consists in the installation of the first steelworks for pig iron production in the state of Bahia. FERROBAHIA will install two blast furnaces with an annual production of 270.000 tons that will be exported through Ilheus’ Port.

- Ownership and Management
     FERROBAHIA is part of a group that is linked with the sector of iron ore mining, pig iron and steel industry and has been acting in this market for over 30 years, running mines and steelworks that are installed in the states of Minas Gerais, Amapa and Para. The knowledge of the technical board guarantees profitability in the production, due their expertise as producers and consultants of many steelworks which produce pig iron in Brazil.

- Key Initiatives and Objectives
     FERROBAHIA’s target is to join all the key sources available in Bahia State to produce pig iron, which will allow a very strategic and competitive position.